For whom QUALITY matters the most!
AlphaCentauri is your resource for software testing.

Quality is one of the most crucial factors determining the success or failure of a business. Faulty software can seriously affect the business in terms of Cost and Efficiency, as there is considerable expenditure of time and money involved in fixing errors which will lead to downtime, lost revenue. On the other hand good software can prove to be an asset for the organization and can increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the activity for which it is used. An organization providing software solutions should take proper measures before giving the final product to its customers.

Alpha Centauri provides fully-managed software application testing services to customers who wants to setup a fully outsourced, independent testing capability that provides ongoing testing and independent software validation services. Based on application domain, application system, nature of testing and longevity, Alpha Centauri would setup a dedicated testing team to support specific customer testing requirements.

We ensure transparency and control over the engagement for our clients. This allows the clients to virtually view our testing services as an extended arm of the development team.We have a well-equipped infrastructure and methodology to provide Independent QA & testing services in a controlled environment.